Promotion D

If I had a hammer (Or a Chandler and Price 10 by 15 inch clamshell platen printing press) I’d hammer in the morning. Or pound out some deep and lasting impressions. My father would have been concerned about the Soviet-era design roots of this piece. Me, I just thought “tasty.”

Promotion C

Drink coasters as invitation. Perhaps to give the recipient something to set their pre-party drink upon. The Nomadic Press has printed versions of these for use as wedding invitations too.

Promotion B

The Nomadic Press has printed lots of tags and labels. Labels for the inside of handmade violins, labels for beer wine and liquor bottles, labels for gift boxes, labels for small batch shampoo and honey. And these. Which are hang tags for hand made deck shoes.

Promotion A

Big, bright letterpress. Who could ask for more? With letterpress printing the smaller the surface area is the deeper the impression can be so that, on this piece, the blue sits closest to the surface while the yellow really digs deep.