Nomadic Press prints the hang tags for the 2017 Land of 10K Scoots Twin Cities scooter rally.


Although the Nomadic Press has a 1932 Kluge automatic feed and delivery printing press for use in printing jobs of really large quantities, the work here at this iconic West Side print shop is executed almost exclusively on the 4 other hand fed presses which are part of the Nomadic equipment family.

Working with hand fed presses allows for the printing of beautifully designed pieces onto unlikely materials which would be difficult, if not impossible to run through automatic feed and delivery presses. 180 grit sand paper, 0.03 inch thick brass shim stock, 1/8th inch thick birch plywood, beef jerky and the bristles of paint brushes are all materials which have been picked up and fed into presses and printed here at the Nomadic Press.

Some letterpress printers (‘Im not naming names) primarily use automatic cylinder presses which are not able to feed even the 220 pound Lettra which is a thick and luscious letterpress staple. They then cover that limitation by claiming that impression show-through is a problem (?) and that one needs to print onto 2 separate sheets of the 110 pound stock and then duplex those sheets together.Processes that add both expense and registration difficulty.

The hang tags shown in the photograph at the top of this blog have been hand fed into a 10 x 14 inch C&P for the 2017 Land of 10k Scoots Twin Cities scooter rally. (If you ride a scooter then visit their site at <> to register for 4 days of rally events on August 10 through 13.)

Spec thick. Spec odd. And count on the Nomadic Press to run it smoothly through the letterpress process.