The Nomadic Press has always been open to the printing of small runs. In some instances, such as with honorary diplomas and degrees, the printing of just one copy is the extent of the project.

In this case, small run means something completely different. These business cards are a smaller version of the standard Nomadic Press business cards and measure .5 inches by .875 inches. They are printed in three colors over one color and involve some pretty close registration.

All in all, things worked out very well. The film for the job was generated by a Twin Cities company, Smart Set, which is the go-to expert for film and file prep for The Nomadic Press. The minute detail of the card art held up nicely in the film and then I repaired to the dark underbelly of The Nomadic Press to make some polymer plates.

As is evidenced here, the plates held the detail. Set up and made ready in two C&P hand-fed platen presses, it was off to the races. The print run was 1,300 pieces which, because of size, was die cut rather than trimmed on the guillotine cutter.

In the end it became a more expensive card to produce than expected, because I now need to give out jewelers’ loupes along with each card.